Macquarie Credit Union offers a range of personal loans for customers use in any purposes. If you are looking for a personal loan in Australia, loans of Macquarie Credit Union are the best choice. How to get these loans, what are the requirements? This post will answer all of the questions about Macquarie Credit Union personal loans.

Macquarie Credit Union personal loans
Macquarie Credit Union personal loans are offered with the best interest

In the previous post, introduces people to some of the necessary information that is useful for getting the IMB Bank personal loans, to get more information people can read the article Consider IMB Bank personal loans to get money up to $60,000 Now, let find knowledge about loans of Macquarie Credit Union in the post today.


Just like a lot of article posts about the personal loans in Australia, as well as each type of loans such as IMB Bank personal loans, People’s Choice Credit Union personal loans, St.George personal loans, Greater Bank personal loans…. this post about the Macquarie Credit Union loans also includes some main parts. They are:

1. Some requirements to apply for Macquarie Credit Union loans

Before applying for any personal loans in Macquarie, customers need to meet some requirements, they are:

  • Customers must be at least 18
  • Customers must be an Australian permanent resident, citizen
  • Customers must be currently employed, receiving regular income
  • Customers must not insolvency or have declared bankruptcy or had defaulted on loans, credit cards, interest-free finance or store cards in the last 5 years
  • Customer must earn a minimum of $15,000 per annum

Customers need to do some steps to apply for a personal loan in Macquarie:

  • Step 1: Click ‘Apply Now’
  • Step 2: Confirm your eligibility
  • Step 3: Complete the online application
  • Step 4: Submit the online application

2. Some benefits of Macquarie Credit Union loans

Changed and one-off repayments: By contributing any extra income to your loan, in addition to your regular repayments, you can pay off your loan earlier and so you can save it. Save thousands of dollars in interest expenses.

Early repayment without penalty: The sooner you pay off the loan, the more interest you will save.

Free redrawing facility: The Credit Association gives you the option to pay more for your loan and then be flexible enough to redeem these additional refunds. Terms and conditions are available on the application.

There is no monthly loan service fee: Unlike some other organizations, we do not charge any account holding fees or service fees for our personal loans, saving you money.

Debt repayment available: Loans are long-term commitments, so it makes sense to protect your repayments. Learn more about our Repayment Insurance.

Automatic repayment (salary/account): You can arrange to make automatic repayment by deducting salaries, direct debit from savings or transaction accounts, Internet or Bank phone. Automatic repayment setup saves you time and will help you avoid any late fees.

Macquarie Credit Union personal loans
Macquarie Credit Union personal loans are offered with the best interest

3. The interest rate and fees of Macquarie Credit Union loans

The minimum amount $10,000
Loan term Up to 5 years
Minimum repayments a week $50
Variable interest rate 10.99% pa
Comparison rate 12.02% pa
No deposit required Yes
Flexible repayments Weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Redraw facility Yes
Quick approvals Yes
No monthly account keeping fees Yes


  • Customers get $10,000 with 10/5/50 personal loan
  • Loan term 1-year
  • The interest rate is 10.99% p.a. 
  • Application fee: $0
  • Monthly fee: $0
  • The total amount payable is $11,099 including interest and fees
  • Each month, customers need to pay $504.5

This post is about loans of Macquarie Credit Union. We provide this information to offer you some of the necessary information that is useful for getting loans from Macquarie Credit Union. Also if you are looking for information about the personal loans from People’s Choice Credit Union, please refer to the People’s Choice Credit Union personal loans link we just provided in the previous article.

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